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I like reading, animation, hijack, dragons, a certain boy who rides dragons, Makoto Tachibana, hot cocoa, rainy days, the ocean, and nature.

Dia duit, many welcomes!This blog is mostly dedicated to art and animation, it also acts as my personal blog. I hope you have a lovely day cupcakes!

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•The Harry Potter Series
•The 100
•Supernatural S4
•Teen Wolf S4
•Falling Skies S4
•Kill la Kill
•Death Note
•Free! Eternal Summer
•Dramatical Murder
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Okay I am unable to do the ice bucket challenge due to my cold that is getting worse and some religious views of my parents (don’t ask). But I have none the less donated and I’m still nominating people so

frosted-arrow, mazumes-stuff, nagisa-the-waifu, derpfire, curiousscarletteyes, olihusky, 50-shades-of-dragons, barefootbby, sagesmajesticthighs, sherlock-is-notonfire, iloveyoulondon, princessphantomhive-harkness, and chase-the-wind, you have all been nominated to do the als ice bucket challenge good luck!!! ❤❤❤❤

  1. curiousscarletteyes said: ((*whispers* I just did this yesterday xD Dumped a bucket of freezing water on my head on a freezing day. The video is on my page @.@ But thank you! ;w;))
  2. 50-shades-of-dragons said: I THOUGH I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT DAMMIT is it okay to just donate omg
  3. chase-the-wind said: omg I’ve actually never been nominated to do this omg thank you! AND GET WELL SOON OKAY TAKE CARE <33333
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